Accessible Health...

After more than a half-century of trying to achieve universal health care, we have made the largest stride our country has ever taken toward that dream. The Michigan Democratic Party holds firm the belief that no Michigan citizen should be without access to affordable, quality health care. To that end, the MDP maintains that the best way to achieve universal health care is through a federal, single-payer system. The Cheboygan County Democratic Party supports expanded health care for all who live or work in Cheboygan County. This must include the many seasonal workers in our county and must also include adequate programs for those who need help escaping addictions.


Environmental Pol...

Our Michigan is a very special place. To generations who have moved here and generations yet to come, Michigan’s appealing beauty and natural resources offer wonderful benefits. The Cheboygan County Democratic Party has called for a restriction of the cargo in the Line 5 pipeline under the Straits of Mackinac. We support all efforts to transition to renewable energy, noting that nuclear is not a renewable energy source. We support a fair, effective, county-wide recycling program.



Michigan workers must be able to earn wages which provide them and their families with a sustainable standard of living without depending on help from other sources. The Cheboygan County Democratic Party echoes this call for a living wage for all workers in Cheboygan County. We note that the poverty level in Cheboygan County is higher than the state average. Establishing a living wage would be a positive step toward addressing this situation.


Public Education

Education has long been the means that people rely upon to achieve a better quality of life. The Cheboygan County Democratic Party supports the creation of more opportunities for post-secondary education and specialized training in Cheboygan County. We also support increased emphasis on environmental education at all levels.



Resisting discrimination

Protecting, not privatizing, Social Security and Medicare

Advocating for universal health care and, until then, improving the Affordable Care Act



Improving transparency

Expanding FOIA to include State government



Improving access to health care services and providers

Improving transparency in local government